Your New Year Resolution in Christ

The four conferences contained in this book explore one way to make a holy new year resolution in Christ based on the etymology of the word resolution, and how it is related to the eleventh chapter of John’s Gospel, the scene of Jesus raising Lazarus from the tomb. This passage is an important guide to forming our own spiritual relationship with Jesus, especially when preparing to make a new year resolution in him. These four conferences investigate how the Latin and Greek origins of the text still resonates with us today, almost 2000 years after they were written, and how the text plays an important role in making a sanctified resolution in the new year, one that is not quickly broken, one that lasts for many years to come. Make your new year resolution in Christ as prescribed in these four conferences because each new year is a profoundly powerful opportunity to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus and to be his best disciple, following him on the Narrow Way of Love, Faith, Hope, and Holiness.


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