Key the Steampunk Vampire Girl and the Tower Tomb of Time

Key the Steampunk Vampire Girl has escaped from the Dungeon of Despair, but now she must race through the Necropolis to the Tower Tomb of Time before Old Queen Crinkle can rewrite history. With the aid of Mr. Fuddlebee the ghost and Miss Broomble the Witch, Key and her immortal puppy, Tudwal, must drive a MotorHog, ride a Hobbeetle, and cling to an Umbracopter without getting lost in time, where she will have to confront an old enemy and a long forgotten past.

Brought to life with the dazzling artwork of Raven Quinn, Becket shares with you an enchanting world of vampire castles, glowing flowers, Crinomatics, and mostly dead Mystical Creatures.


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