American Monk

American Monk is the inspiring true story of the spiritual years Becket spent in a Benedictine monastery north of New Orleans and of the grace of God given to him through the words and works of simple brother monks. Almost a decade before becoming the assistant of author, Anne Rice, Becket studied to be a Roman Catholic priest as well as underwent a fifteen hundred year tradition of monastic rite and discipline. In this memoir, he shares vignettes of his life among the brothers, recounting tales of Easter and Christmas, of the mystical silence during meals, of the value of work and prayer, of the day-to-day life in the brotherhood, of the deepening of his relationship with God, and of so much more! In this encouraging, unforgettable memoir, Becket travels the path of self-discovery among monks who were not saints, but like him were men healing in the hospital of God’s church. “When the hour comes for me to breathe my last, I look forward to seeing all of my brothers in their monastic habits, where we will all embrace one another with open arms in the resting place of Eternal Love.”

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